On Campus

Safe Ride

The Safe Ride van provides transportation on the Vestal campus from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. The van travels along a counter clockwise route through campus; one circuit takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. The van doesn’t deviate from its route and is strictly used for on campus purposes only. To use the van, simply wait at any location along the route shown on the map below.

Safe Ride Route

For a larger version of this map please click here.

The green van is also easy to spot — it’s marked with reflective graphics and has a strobe light flashing on its roof.


In addition to providing a safe ride for students and faculty around campus, the Safe Ride Van also is equipped with a jumper pack and flash light for emergency situations. If we can’t help you, our drivers all carry radios in the van that allow them to contact UPD directly to get you further help.

Walking Escorts

In addition to the safe ride van service, University Police also offer a walking escort program on the main campus. Student employees serve as safety escorts to and from any locations on campus while classes are in session. University Police officers provide this service when the student program isn’t operating. While the program operates from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., a University Police officer will escort students or staff at any time of the day or night if they have safety concerns.


To request a walking escort, call 7-SAFE from any campus phone or (607) 777-SAFE from a cell phone. When connected with the University Police Dispatcher, ask for a walking escort and provide your first name, your current location, and the location to which you wish to be escorted.

If you are in a building, you will be asked to wait inside the main entrance; the escort will meet you there and walk with you to your destination. If you are outside, you will be asked to wait in the best-lit location available, at the nearest blue light emergency phone, or in your vehicle if you are in a parking lot.

If you are walking across campus and wish to use the walking escort program, go to the nearest blue light emergency phone and request a walking escort meet you there.


In addition to walking with students and faculty around campus, the other main job of the walking escort is to check the blue light phones to make sure they work.

There are over 60 emergency blue light phones on campus, and it is the job of the walking escort to ensure that they all work properly, or report any damaged or broken phones to the police. A map  and detailed descriptions of their locations can be found by on our Did You Know page.

Gate Attendants

For additional safety on campus, our campus is locked down at midnight every night, leaving the main gate as the only way onto campus. In order to pass onto campus you must posses:

1.  A Valid Parking Permit

2.  A Binghamton University I.D.

3.   Be a guest of a current BU student (Student must be aware that the guest is coming onto campus)


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