“This program made me more aware of our campus safety and I am proud I was able to be apart of it. I have also made a great connection to our school officers. It made me feel safer knowing those were the guys protecting us.”

-Stephanie, Class of 2012

“After long nights studying in the library, I could always depend on Safe Ride to get me to my room in Hillside. Safe Ride has always been and will always be helpful especially for students who live far from the library. If I missed the bus late at night, I can always choose Safe Ride as a way to get home safe without any fear.”

-Megan, Class of 2011

“After many late nights spent down on campus the Safe Ride Program has provided me with a convenient ride back to Hillside. In my experience the drivers are extremely friendly and helpful. On one occasion the driver assisted a senior citizen unfamiliar with campus in locating his vehicle. On another occasion the driver helped jump-start the car of some visitors to the Anderson Center. Overall, the Safe Ride Program provides a convenient service to students and helps the University Police keep the campus a safe place to attend school.”

-Matthew, Class of 2010, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

“Overall, Safe Ride has been very reliable for me and has gotten me around campus late at night when there were no buses running and I did not feel safe walking by my self at night in the dark.”

-Jeremy, Class of 2010

“The Binghamton University Escort Service was one of the many great leadership opportunities I experienced in college.  I had the opportunity to work as both a Supervisor and Escort.  The program reinforced real world skills including responsibility, payroll accounting, interacting with law enforcement, marketing/promotion, management and of course good exercise!  Now in my role as a resident physician at the Washington University in St. Louis I still draw strong parallels to the importance of teamwork required in any organization.  I would recommend to any student looking for an out of the ordinary experience on-campus to consider The Binghamton University Escort Service.”

Karan, Class of 2003, Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics

“Safe ride provides a unique opportunity by which the relationship between campus police and the student population can be strengthened.  Safe ride promotes safety on campus with its rides and door to door escorts, while all at the same time giving the insomniac student a chance to earn a pay check.”

-Richard, Class of 2006


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