Program History

Originating in 1985, the Escort Program was put into action by Lt. James Cavanaugh to provide students and faculty with walking escorts on campus. The program was modeled after the escort program at SUNY Buffalo. Initially this program consisted only of walking escorts, and many students and faculty utilized this service. In 1997, the first van was purchased, through the aid of the SA. Subsequent vans were purchased by University Police, allowing the Safe Ride to become the most widely used part of this program. In 2001, the name on the program was changed from “Escort Program” to the “Safe Ride Program” to emphasize the reason for it. As the Safe Ride portion of the program has become more popular we have since scaled back the walking program.

Notable Events

“Good eyes for the escort program”

Several years ago a walking escort saw a suspicious moving van on campus in lot M.  A group of males were going back and forth to the van from nearby residence halls and the escort thought that this action was suspicious and called it in to University Police.  The van occupants turned out to be burglarizing some residence halls on campus. During the arrest it was learned that they had been burglarizing various businesses and residences all over the east coast.


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