Did You Know?

This is the beginning of a series of posts that contain small tidbits of information about the program.

This will hopefully serve as a place to see a bunch of important pieces of information quickly and easily.

All You Have To Do Is Wave!

When driving around campus at night, the Safe Ride Van drivers are instructed to look for patrons who wave/flag them down.

So if you would like a ride in the Safe Ride Van, just WAVE!

Waving Person

That Looks May Be Deceiving?

Contrary to what most people seem to think, the Safe Ride van is NOT a taxi.

Although our name may be similar to some cab companies, the Safe Ride van does NOT go off campus and is NOT a taxi service.

Safe Ride ≠ Safe Taxi

If you miss the blue bus…

You can wait at the regular bus stops and we can pick you up!


The Safe Ride Van covers all regular blue bus stops including:

Clearview; Susquehanna; Hillside

Mountainview; Dickinson;Mohawk

Newing; East Gym; Couper Administration

West Gym; Old Union

There’s more than one way to…

Call For A Safe Ride

(607) 777 – 7233 (SAFE)

Call For An On Campus Walking Escort

(607) 777 – 7233 (SAFE)

Call For A Walking Escort At The UDC

(607) 777 – 9250 (UDC Desk)

In Addition: All of our services can be arranged by calling (607) 777-2393 (University Police)

as well as by using the blue light phones both on and off campus

There are close to 65 blue light phones on camps!!


Many people have said that they are not aware of where to wait in order to be seen by a walking escort or the safe ride van. To solve this problem we have created a map of campus that shows the location of every in service blue light phone on campus, as well as highlighting the ones which a safe ride van driver could see you to pick you up. In addition we have created a numbered list that describes the location of any number blue light, which corresponds to the numbers on the map.  CHECK OUT THE MAP!!! CHECK OUT THE LIST!!!


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